True Iconic Volume Maxi Care Conditioner
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  • It maintains proper texture
  • Enhances volume
  • Make coats more manageable
  • Puts a shine on the coat
  • Cuts static
  • Helps coats repel dirt
  • SAFE for All Skin Type
  • SAFE for All Coat Type
  • SAFE for All Breed
  • SAFE for All Colours
  • SAFE for All Climate (Humid or Dry)

A unique blend of proteins that thicken the coats and adds density and volume to each hair shaft 

Direction and Dilution Ratio:

  • Dilution for normal skin is 1:10 water. 

Recommended for breeds with curly coats, harsh coats and rough coat e.g. Poodle, Bichon Frise, Pomeranian, Siberian Husky, Tibetan Mastiff, Pekingese, Shiba Inu, Corgi and Drop coats that need texture and/or that extra lift with limp coat.

Definitely turns up the volume! The New Volume Maxi Bath & Care, ideal for healthy, fluffy and volume coats.

  • Manufacturer: True Iconic

True Iconic Volume Maxi Care Conditioner

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