True Iconic Collagen Plus Bath Shampoo
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  • Helps to prevent hair breakage
  • Reduce brittleness
  • Promote hair growth
  • Nourishes skin and coat
  • Soft and smooth
  • Shrink pores
  • SAFE for All Skin Type
  • SAFE for All Coat Type
  • SAFE for All Breed
  • SAFE for All Colours
  • SAFE for All Climate (Humid or Dry)


Collagen is a protein and most people associate collagen with skin. While it is true that collagen is the support structure for skin, giving skin its resilience. Collagen is a very important protein for our whole body including our hair.

Collagen is one of the proteins found in most connective tissues, including cartilage, bone, and skin. Collagen is unique among body proteins because it is the single-most important protein of connective tissue. Collagen is very important to the body repair process. As a matter of fact, collagen is the material that holds your body together. Next to water, collagen is the most important structural substance in our bodies, accounting for 25-30% of its total protein. It is even the main component of your hair, skin, and nails.

In the case of hair care, when you restore lost collagen to the hair shaft you are able to improve hair growth by up to 36%. This collagen series shampoo and conditioner strengthens hair and increases the diameter of individual hairs. This is very important for hair loss and thinning hair because the increased diameter of the individual hairs give and overall fuller hair appearance. 

Direction and Dilution Ratio:

  • Shampoo Dilution for normal skin is 1: 7 to 8 parts water. 
  • If sensitive/ allergic dog 1:10 parts of water

Note: Shampoo does not foam much.  You will not see much bubbles, but cleans very well. No animal extract and No added salt (NaCi) Sodium Chloride or Coloring Dyes.

Recommended for long, smooth, flat coated and feathering breeds; e.g. Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug, Beagle, Doberman, Golden Retriever and hairless breeds such as the Chinese crested.


  • Manufacturer: True Iconic

True Iconic Collagen Plus Bath Shampoo

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