Stazko Conditioning Spray
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An amazing dematting spray, anti-static conditioning spray, and finishing spray all-in-one! The versatile Stazko Conditioning Spray can be used for everything from reducing drying and brushout time, to removing dead undercoat, to preventing tangles and knots, and much, much more!

 Stazko Conditioning Spray is a dematting spray, anti-static conditioning spray, and finishing spray for all coats. This ready-to-use formula is alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and leaves little to no build-up!


  • Does not weigh the coat down and gives body for scissoring
  • Cuts drying and brushout time in half
  • Helps remove dead undercoat
  • Keeps coats cleaner and tangle-free longer
  • Prevents knots when used daily


Stazko Conditioning Spray has  the same trademark scent as the All Breed Shampoo, Conditioner, and Luxury Colognes. can be used for all dog and cat coat types. 

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Naturally-derived botanical conditioning agents, glycerin, silk protein, dimethicone, light floral essences, and DMDM hydantoin (preservative). 

Directions For Use:

  • On light and medium tangled coats, go right to bathing, no pre-brushing needed. After washing, blow off excess water and spray the coat with Stazko Conditioning Spray. Gently work through coat with fingers. Go right to force drying. As the coat dries, you will see the tangles pulling apart under the power of the forced air. Dry coat completely, then brush and comb out. The brush out will take half the time you had planned on!
  • On heavy tangled and dematted coats: saturate all the bad areas, spray the rest of the coat, and put the pet in a drying kennel or dry with a hair dryer. The product is effective when it dries. When the coat is completely dry, do your regular dematting techniques.
  • Manufacturer: Stazko

Stazko Conditioning Spray

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