Oster Clipper Blade #10
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Oster® Cryogen-X™ AgION® Clipper Blades have advanced, silver-based AgION antimicrobial protection built in to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on blade surfaces. Manufactured from fine-grain, high-carbon steel that is cryogenically treated so edges stay sharper longer.

  • American-made blades
  • Rockwell Hardness rating of 62
  • Stay ultra cool during operation for optimum durability.

Compatible with Andis, Conair and Oster detachable-style clippers.

Material: Steel with Antimicrobial Coating (Silver Series) 
Rockwell Hardness Rating: 62

  • Size 10 Blade has a 1/16" Blade Cut 
  • Size 7F Finish Blade has a 1/8" Blade Cut 
  • Size 3F Finish Blade has a 1/2" Blade Cut 
  • Size 30 Blade has a 1/50" Blade Cut
  • Size 40 Blade has a 1/100" Blade Cut
  • Manufacturer: Oster

Oster Clipper Blade #10

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