Frontline Plus Small Breed (Up to 22lbs)
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For the best in extra-strength flea and tick protection, Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs is one of the top names and most effective treatments and preventatives ticks, lice and fleas in your pets. With the most complete protection available, Frontline kills 99%+ of fleas within 18 hours of application and starts working to stop pests on contact. Frontline Plus also stops eggs and larvae from developing further, helping to stop reinfestation.

The medication is easy to apply: One drop distributes itself across your dog's entire coat quickly protecting it for up to 6 weeks against lice, fleas and many varieties of ticks - including carriers of Lyme Disease.

  • Manufacturer: Merial

Frontline Plus Small Breed (Up to 22lbs)

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