E-Collar  Comfy Cone in Gingham Navy Blue
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Soft cone shaped e-collar which is Veterinary tested and approved for cats and dogs.  A great alternative to the stiff plastic elizabethan collars.  Your dogs won't mind wearing this super comfy cone all day and night. 

  Nech Size
Depth of Cone
XX-Small 4.5  to 7 3
X-Small 6  to 7.5 3.5
Small 8  to 11 4.5
Medium 10.5  to 13 6
Large 12.5  to 15 6.5
X-Large 16.5  to 19 7.5
XX-Large 21  to 25 8.5


  • Made of soft fabric and cushion for maximum comfort
  • Enclosed with double Velcro snaps 
  • Features eye-catching designs.  
  • Effective for preventing dogs from licking their wounds.
  • Great for post-surgery

  • Manufacturer: Pet Depot

E-Collar Comfy Cone in Gingham Navy Blue

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